Theo Lemkin, Kate Wallan, Miguel Huhndorf-Lima, Holden Elias, Ty Walthall, and Kaleb Wagner pose in costume.

BHS students navigate shift in Halloween norms


“When I was younger, I’d go trick or treating with my family,” said Lilly Cobb, a sophomore at Berkeley High School, describing her unconventional Halloweens from years past.

Students can attend the student made exhibit during lunch.

CTE classes unite to build haunted house, escape room for students


In the courtyard attached to room G112, Berkeley High School’s mechatronics, sound design, art, carpentry, and CAD classes have come together in time for Halloween to create an interdisciplinary summative project: a combonation haunted house and escape room envisioned, built, and presented by students and staff alone.

For children, the meaning of Halloween lies in collecting candy during trick-or-treating.

Halloween's evolution from kids to teens


Is there another holiday that encapsulates growing up like Halloween does? As kids grow up, the costumes, activities, and meanings of the holiday shift dramatically.  As children, it’s common to dress up in imaginative and colorful costumes, and kids parade around their elementary schools, showing their outfits off and making crafts in class.