Berkeley High School

Manny Lane-Scott performs an original stand up comedy routine at BHS talent show.

BHS Talent Show features live music, comedy, and a fire alarm


On Friday November 4, Berkeley High School students gathered in the Little Theater to watch the BHS Talent Show. The show consisted of mostly musical performers, and one stand up comedian.

A zoom meeting

BSEP holds run-off election in first official meeting of the year


Berkeley High School students voted in a runoff election on October 19 to appoint the student representatives for this year’s School Site Council. The student representatives had already been elected last spring, but an additional election was recently called due to downsizing.  “The state of California couldn’t get enough people on SSC boards across

Someone looking at a wardrobe of Polynesian cultural clothing

Homecoming theme sparks debate over cultural appropriation


On November 5, Berkeley High School student leadership is holding a Homecoming dance, which will take place at the Donahue Gym. The dance will have a tropical theme, in collaboration with the Polynesian Club, according to Drew Henderson, junior class president and lead organizer of the event.  Henderson described how the students in charge of

The BHS Snack Bar

"Everybody's hungry": Snack bar returns after two year hiatus


The Berkeley High School snack bar brings delicious snacks to BHS home games. On September 23, a Friday night, fans of all ages came up to the window to buy chips, candy, drinks, and more.

Students in the CCC

BHS attendance policy introduces detention, Saturday School


 This year, Berkeley High school has initiated the Academic Intervention Program, as well as the implementation of new detention and tardy policies.

A student rushing to the tardy office

Is the new tardy policy beneficial or detrimental  to attendance?


On August 15, the first day of school at Berkeley High School, students arriving late to school were greeted with a surprise — all but one of the entry gates were locked at 10:01 a.m.

Students are forced to continually check Infinite Campus for schedule updates as school is starting.

Receiving schedules late has detrimental effect on BHS students


At a school as big as Berkeley High School, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With thousands of students, hundreds of class choices, and a wide array of classrooms, the task of preparing for a new year on campus can be highly stressful.

Pamela Turntine

BHS 'Jacket' Alum Becomes New Editor-in-Chief of 'Berkeleyside'


Pamela Turntine, longtime Bay Area resident and the new editor-in-chief of Berkeleyside, has had an extensive past in journalism. Born in San Francisco and primarily raised in different parts of Oakland and Berkeley, Turntine’s work has taken her all over California throughout a career spanning over 40 years.

BHS graduates Dixie Lewis and Ross Schultz brought positivity, laughter, and kindness to those around them throughout their lives.

BHS Community Mourns Deaths of Recent Alumni Dixie Lewis and Ross Schultz


The Berkeley High School community was left reeling after alumni Dixie Lewis and Ross Schultz were killed last Tuesday in a car accident in Truckee, California.

Despite effort to mitigate the tension surrounding entrance to "big name" schools, including those like UC Berkeley, it

Online Learning Alleviates Competitive Nature of College Process


The pandemic has prevented many Berkeley High School traditions from taking place  for seniors. The class of 2021 has lost Red and Gold Day, blowout, Senior Sunrise, and the overall experience of being a senior at BHS.

BHS parent and activist Marc Staton feels relieved, but not overjoyed, with the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Berkeley Responds to Aftermath of Chauvin Verdict: What Happens Now?


When activist and Berkeley High School parent Marc Staton heard the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial, he experienced a wide range of emotions. “There was no joy in it.

In Memoriam: BHS Girls Volleyball Coach James Manuel


In loving memory of Berkeley High School girls volleyball coach James Manuel. His exuberance, passion, and generosity lives on within his family, his teams, his colleagues, and all those he connected with.

Sarah Matsumoto, a photography teacher at BHS, works at a desk in her classroom. Now that in-person school is an option, Wednesday classes have been made mandatory for students not attending in person.

Students Should Not Be Forced to Attend Wednesday Class


Wednesdays are notorious for being full of exhaustion: motivation from Monday is long gone, and the weekend is nowhere in sight. However, with the asynchronous Wednesday schedule that Berkeley High School implemented before May, the so-called hump day provided a short break from the chaos of the week.

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna Gives Lecture to BHS Physics Club


Jennifer Doudna, Ph.D., an American biochemist, Nobel Prize winner, and pioneering researcher in CRISPR gene editing, gave a lecture with the Berkeley High School Physics Club on April 28.

“It feels more real:” BHS Students Return to In-Person Instruction


As the 2020-21 school year nears its end, some Berkeley High School students are returning to campus for in-person learning. The new schedule, which officially began April 24, moved the distance learning school day earlier: it now spans from 8:55 AM to 12:15 PM, and gives students optional time to return to in-person school

What Are BHS Students Listening To?


Music, whether it is instrumental or vocal, solo artists or bands, is something that is widely enjoyed throughout humanity. It can bring people together, but during times of separation, it can also provide a great sense of individuality based on our respective musical preferences.

BUSD School Board Discusses Graduation, Teacher Healthcare, and Bridge Program


On Wednesday, May 5, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board met to discuss a variety of subjects, including the Berkeley High School Bridge Program, teachers’ healthcare costs, climate change, graduation plans, and the departure of Associate Superintendent Bajé Thiara.

At the Emeryville Center of Community Life, students in Bay Oaks, a program of the East Bay United Soccer Club, practice soccer.

BHS Forces Soccer Players to Choose Between School and Club


For student athletes at Berkeley High School, the past year has been a roller coaster. As fall and winter sports were cancelled or postponed, players faced uncertainty and disappointment.