Letter to the Editor

A note from the Editor in ChiefThe Jacket would like to apologize for the lack of context provided in the original article, as well as the unnecessary harm caused, in particular to the AMPS community.

Cheating culture at BHS is rooted in student disinterest

Each year, as it has been for decades, students start their school year greeted with the same message: “Don’t cheat, you’ll get a zero, I’ll fail you in this class,” said a Berkeley High School student who chose to remain anonymous, mimicking teachers at BHS.

A student is writing down notes with an open laptop.

Are unpaid internships predatory or helpful towards young people?

For a long time unpaid internships have been framed as a way for teenagers to gain experience before entering the workforce, but the reality is that they are very unfair.

A student is at a desk, with Chat GPT open.

Should AI be allowed as an educational tool?

PRO There’s no denying that the Artificial Intelligence revolution is here, but it looks nothing like the warped realities from The Matrix or Terminator.

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Parent days must become more inclusive

With Mother’s Day having just passed, it’s time to reconsider the relevancy and inclusivity of holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day. All kids, not just ones with traditional households, should be encouraged to find ways to celebrate their parents.

Student feedback helps classes improve

At the end of the semester or school year, many teachers at Berkeley High School  request feedback from their students. Teachers usually ask for feedback through a Google form.

AMPS is one of five small schools at BHS.

SLCs require more accessible AP classes

For most Berkeley High School students, taking AP classes is a simple choice they task themselves with when choosing their schedules for the next school year.

AAPI students contribute cultural events to campus.

AAPI heritage adds to Cal campus culture

In the fall of 2022, over 43.3 percent of new freshmen enrolled at UC Berkeley identified as Asian or Pacific Islander. A common stereotype about Asian students is that they’re only ever focused on work, but the reality is that the dominant precence of AAPI heritage on campus adds joy and variation to the campus

Girl popping out from phone that has a lot of screens open

Co-opting  style trends damage Asian cultures

What do “white girl wellness,” fox eye makeup, and K-pop obsessions all have in common? Are they all somehow connected to Asian culture? Are they all things that white people have co-opted as their own?

Boy with headphones listening to music with questions and exclamations he doesn

Family languages strengthen cultural ties

Exploring languages other than English can be a gateway to understanding different cultures, widening the perspective of history, and connecting more with one’s ancestors.

Girl with green beams surrounding her.

Internalized colorism: Leaving deep marks in Asian communities

Colorism in Asian communities dates back to 710 A.D. when it was used to separate the elite from the working class. Over the centuries it has allowed for the preferential treatment of light skinned individuals in relation to their darker skinned counterparts.

Two parents, one republican and one democrat, holding hands with their child.

A careful balance must be struck between political involvement and mental health

More teenagers than ever are engaged in politics. According to the 2021 Harvard Youth Poll, in 2016 only 24 percent of American youth considered themselves politically active.

A venn diagram with two silhouettes and the jacket logo in the middle.

Interpersonal segregation limits student exposure to diversity

The term “interpersonal segregation” refers to the idea of individuals socializing with people to whom they have similar backgrounds. This can be on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, etc.

Student walking up blocks that hand is building

Students must have more power to contribute to district decisions, changes

Students must have more power to contribute to district decisions, changes Berkeley High School is filled with students who are eager to create a better atmosphere.

Boy holding heart with song-writing and composing materials with broken hearts in the background

Teen relationships build social pressures

​​It seems that for most people when they eventually forget every bit of information from a highschool math class, they still remember with perfect clarity their first high school relationship.

Illustration of girl holding a sign that says: "VOTE"

Popularity must not decide ASB elections

Right before spring break, Berkeley High School held the annual schoolwide Associated Student Body elections. In this election, students had the sole power to decide who should be elected.

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Online activism must incite engagement, not just reposts

On Monday, 13 March, 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration approved the Willow Project, an oil drilling initiative on Alaska’s North Slope that left people all over the globe angry, confused, and concerned.

A woman embodying the male gaze with eyes staring at her.

Women must find empowerment free of male gaze

The male gaze has objectified and sexualized women throughout history. The media consistently sets expectations about how women are meant to look and act, which ingrains these ideas into society.