A person being held back by their test scores.

California assessment results illuminate racial achievement gaps

On October 24, the California Department of Education released the results of the Smarter Balanced Assessments, according to a Berkeley Unified School District press release.

Manny Lane-Scott performs an original stand up comedy routine at BHS talent show.

BHS Talent Show features live music, comedy, and a fire alarm

On Friday November 4, Berkeley High School students gathered in the Little Theater to watch the BHS Talent Show. The show consisted of mostly musical performers, and one stand up comedian.

Susi Lopex teaches Spanish at BHS

DÌa de Los Muertos fosters remembrance and celebration

Día De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, was celebrated throughout Latin American countries and communities on the first two days of November. At Berkeley High School, an altar was constructed in the C Building, honoring three students who passed away earlier this year.According to Susi Lopez, a BHS Spanish teacher, the school has

Consent education club.

Consent Education Club publishes videos in tri-weekly bulletin

In the last week of October, Berkeley High School students watched three videos on consent education in the video bulletin at BHS. Behind these videos is the Consent Education Club.

A title 9 meeting

‘They should be getting more’:Teacher Title IX training lacks

“Title IX is effectively supposed to be a set of protections, it’s supposed to be protections set in place for you and me, and every other student at the school to be able to demand equity based on gender and sex,” said Genevieve Mage, the current yearbook teacher at Berkeley High School, who has been

Rally Day tradition continues amid administration caution, student spirit

On November 4, the BHS community concluded spirit week with its celebration of Rally Day. Earlier that week, BHS Vice Principal Tammy Rose sent out an email to all BHS staff and students, describing her hopes for the event.

Unity Week is an annual week of costumes and fun at BHS. Each day, the week has a different theme, ending in "Rally Day" on Friday.

‘Too deep of a tradition’: BHS Unity Week sparks concern, excitement

This past week, Berkeley High students participated in a Unity Week where the entire school cohesively dressed a certain theme each day. Many students, teachers, and faculty were both excited and worried for this week.

A zoom meeting

BSEP holds run-off election in first official meeting of the year

Berkeley High School students voted in a runoff election on October 19 to appoint the student representatives for this year’s School Site Council. The student representatives had already been elected last spring, but an additional election was recently called due to downsizing.  “The state of California couldn’t get enough people on SSC boards across

Someone looking at a wardrobe of Polynesian cultural clothing

Homecoming theme sparks debate over cultural appropriation

On November 5, Berkeley High School student leadership is holding a Homecoming dance, which will take place at the Donahue Gym. The dance will have a tropical theme, in collaboration with the Polynesian Club, according to Drew Henderson, junior class president and lead organizer of the event.  Henderson described how the students in charge of

Chris Kindness playing the guitar

Chris Kindness Award inspires

Alan Ross, a Berkeley resident and current Berkeley High School parent, is the founder of a recent, local project called the Chris Kindness Award. The Chris Kindness Award is an award that honors and commemorates people who have positively influenced the community regardless of their age, profile, or how big or small their impacts are.

Poll booths in California

‘We are the future’: BHS students plan to work polls, volunteer

With the midterm election approaching on November 8, many Berkeley High School students are signing up to be election poll workers in order to play a part in this year’s midterm elections.  In particular, BHS clubs have been participating in political activism.

LatinX assembly dance performance

Latinx Heritage Month assembly features dance and spoken word

On October 19, 2022, Berkeley High School held a Latinx Heritage Month Assembly at the Little Theater with around 220 students in attendance. Students and leaders of BHS’s Latines Unidos Club, Ivan Cuatlatl-Tello, Paola Bedolla García, and Jasmine Moreira-Cortés, along with literature teacher Amanda Moreno, organized the event.  According to Cuatlatl-Tello, the assembly was hosted

A record number of students volunteered to participate in the safety committee this year.

State mandated safety committee seeks out new members at BHS

Berkeley High School is currently in the process of finding new members for its safety committee for the 2022-23 school year. An email with an application form was sent out to the community in late August announcing that the school was looking for students and faculty who would like to participate on the committee.

a person reaching for a balcony

BHS college counselors reflect on college costs, mental health

As seniors begin to submit their first college applications, many students have started thinking about the huge costs that come with attending most universities, which include application fees as well as the actual tuition.

Student Make up of the camp

School board: STEM camp, literacy action, bell schedule reform

The Berkeley Unified School District Board convened on the evening of Wednesday, October 12. Topics included a STEM maker camp for rising seventh to ninth grade BUSD students, a literacy settlement to support students with reading, and the controversial bell schedule redesign process.

Students at the summit

BHS community attends ‘Unite the Fight’ climate summit

On October 12, Berkeley High School’s “Unite the Fight” climate summit was held at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA Teen Center, with 35 BHS students in attendance.

This October, Latine Unidos honors inclusivity and empowerment

“It’s important because we’re more open now to be learning about our history within this month,” said Karla Gonzalez-Mariscal, a Berkeley High School junior.

Bouquets, candles, and written messages for the late BHS students fill the gallery space in the C-Building.

Students and community in mourning after recent shooting

On Saturday, October 2, two Berkeley High School students were shot and killed at a party in North Oakland. The BHS community held a memorial at Longfellow Middle School on Monday night.