Downtown Asian Eateries Offer a Blend of Cultural Cuisines

Every day, hungry students leave Berkeley High School to crowd the surrounding restaurants. BHS is located right near the epicenter of Downtown Berkeley, allowing students access to the many cusines of the area.

Author Tracy Moore came to the Bay Area Book Festival to promote her new book, The Fire She Fights.

Bay Area Book Festival Features Diverse Collection of Authors

If you were walking around Downtown Berkeley on the weekend of May 7, you may have stumbled upon the largest annual book festival in the Bay Area. Every year, the Bay Area Book Festival draws authors and readers to Berkeley from all across the country.

Two students sitting in front of a lake

BHS Students Celebrate Ramadan With “Spirituality and Joy”

“When you see someone starving on the street, it’s like getting a glimpse of what they have to go through on a daily basis,” said Academic Choice junior Afnan Saleh on fasting during Ramadan.

BHS Best Buddies members Jonathan Schwartz, Natalia Blanco, Zev, and Bijou Fontaine (left to right) attend a lunch meeting.

Berkeley High Fosters Positivity For Students With Disabilities

“[The disabled community] brings unique experiences, ways of thinking, and talents. It can take additional time to get to know some students, but it’s worth it,” said Josh Austin, a teacher and education specialist at Berkeley High School.  Roughly 320 students at BHS have Individual Education Plans, which focus on meeting the diverse

Members from BHS’s robotics team presented SQUID, a tennis-ball lobbing robot, to the Berkeley Rotary Club on April 13.

Team Berkelium Excels in Competition

Whirs and buzzes filled the room as oversized red and blue tennis balls flew through the air, lobbed by none other than a robot named SQUID. Five members representing Team Berkelium, Berkeley High School’s robotics team, presented their robot to members of the Berkeley Rotary Club on April 13.

Leticia Amezcua is a parent engagement specialist.

Breaking Barriers: BHS Parent Resource Center Supports Marginalized Families

In high school, Leticia Amezcua, Berkeley High School’s engagement specialist, noticed that her school provided few resources for parents with limited English proficiency.

BHS Seniors Look Towards Personal Growth During Gap Year

As the school year reaches its end, seniors begin to solidify their plans for the future. While many may choose to attend college immediately after high school, some, like Ellery Hoffman, a student in Academic Choice, are taking a gap year.

BHS Field Trips Start in Spring 

In recent years, cancellations on field trips have been common due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, there was an average of at least three field trips per year for both Academic Choice and Berkeley International High School and freshmen, according to Hasmig Minassian, who leads the Universal Ninth Grade and

BTA serves as a resource base for BIS students.

Students Speak on Independent Study: Lonely or Liberating?

If you ask a Berkeley High School student about Berkeley Independent Study, you may draw blank stares. The BIS program allows BHS students to study and work outside of school while still getting the necessary credits to graduate.

Sakiko Muranaka helped write the AAPI Lit course.

AAPI Literature Class to Start Next Year

It all started last year, when Julianna Loretto and Medina Lam were sitting in class. They were being given a presentation on the Chicanx/Latinx History course offered at Berkeley High School when they texted each other, noting how no similar classes were available for Asian Americans and Pacific Islander students.

Students work in Digital Design and Fabrication.

CTE Classes Inspire Career Exploration

Throughout the history of Berkeley High School, there have been a vast variety of classes offered to students of all grades and small schools. Recently, however, there has been a trend of decreased enrollment of students in the Career and Technical Education classes.

Protestors camp-out in front of Westlake Middle School on February 13.

‘No, the F**k They Won’t:’ Locals Fight OUSD Closures

On January 25, 2022, Maurice André San-Chez, a chorus teacher at Westlake Middle School, awoke to a list leaked by Mike Hutchinson, School Board District 5 Director.

Return to On-Campus Elections Inspires Student Candidates

Two years ago, as a freshman, Sarah Darzacq was a delegate at the Berkeley High School election convention. This year, she attended the election convention again, instead as a candidate for Associated Student Body vice president, and found a starkly different environment.

Street Art Displays Berkeley’s Radical Past and Colorful Present

From downtown to the hills, Berkeley boasts amazing street art. Though each piece is different, they all tell a story about Berkeley. The wall of Amoeba music is home to the People’s History of Telegraph, one of Berkeley’s most famous historic murals.

The Meatless Monday team holds discount flyers.

Meatless Mondays at Berkeley High School

Berkeley High School has countless different clubs, and one that has steadily gained recent attention since the beginning of the school year is the Meatless Monday Campaign.

Georgia Davidson and Travis Baldwin, BHS students, eat lunch at Civic Center Park.

Will BHS Make Lunch Longer?

Two years ago, a freshman at Berkeley High School noticed a problem: many of her fellow students weren’t eating. Concerned, she brought the issue up with her mother, Sara Rahimian, who has since taken action to modify the lunch schedule.

Bilingual Students Seek Language Balance

“My dad used to speak Spanish to me, but he kind of forgot the language, so now we just speak English,” said Isa McKerley, a bilingual sophomore in Berkeley International High School.  As the most populous state in the country, California’s borders have historically been home to people from many different places.

Online Word Game ‘Wordle’ Gives Welcome Relief to Students

A new trend has taken Berkeley High School, as well as the rest of the world, by storm. Wordle is an online word game in which players attempt to guess the daily five-letter word within six tries.