A graphic of various heritage months

Unsung heritage months require advocacy

Throughout the year various months are dedicated to the heritage and culture of historically marginalized peoples. November is Native American Heritage Month as well as Sikh Awareness Month.

The Bay Area sky

Bay Area residents and experts examine moody weather patterns

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Quotes like this are often brought up in conversations about the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kugel is a common dish made for Yom Kippur, both sweet and savory.

From kugels to buñuelos: Cultural foods for the fall season

Ajmal Khan is a senior at Berkeley High School. His family is from Pakistan; they identify as Pashtun, a Muslim ethnic group. In this season, Khan said that Pashtun people traditionally eat very hot and spicy food.

The breakdown: How do students at BHS spend their money?

As many high school students age, they develop the means to acquire an income — whether they or get an allowance, choose to invest in stocks, or work a part time job.

Students experience lunch alone at BHS

Lunch at Berkeley High School is a sacred time, being only 40 minutes long. Students often go off campus to enjoy a plethora of food options with friends while others choose to eat alone.

Jazz trip to Cuba exposes students to a cultural take on the genre

At a recent concert, Jazz band Director Sarah Cline asked for parent support for the upcoming trip to Cuba. She recalled the contrast between the attitudes of host school Havana’s Escuela Nacional de Música, the National School of Arts, and Berkeley High School to woodwind reeds.

Bell redesign considers deeper learning

“59 percent of our students happy here,” said Yasmin Navarro, a college counselor at the College and Career Center, regarding a survey given to juniors.

Today, NSU continues to reserve space for Native students.

Native students find community at NSU

“Even though I grew up hella native, I still have difficulty connecting with my … heritage because of the white supremacist idea that ‘(Native people) don’t exist anymore,’ ” said Rita Azul Huhndorf-Lima, and co-leader of the Berkeley High School Native Student Union.  The NSU was founded last year but many of its

Theo Lemkin, Kate Wallan, Miguel Huhndorf-Lima, Holden Elias, Ty Walthall, and Kaleb Wagner pose in costume.

BHS students navigate shift in Halloween norms

“When I was younger, I’d go trick or treating with my family,” said Lilly Cobb, a sophomore at Berkeley High School, describing her unconventional Halloweens from years past.

Students can attend the student made exhibit during lunch.

CTE classes unite to build haunted house, escape room for students

In the courtyard attached to room G112, Berkeley High School’s mechatronics, sound design, art, carpentry, and CAD classes have come together in time for Halloween to create an interdisciplinary summative project: a combonation haunted house and escape room envisioned, built, and presented by students and staff alone.

Students with IEPs and 504 plans continue to be overlooked

During his sophomore year at Berkeley High School, Luke Prud’homme reached out to his teachers about an incredibly difficult situation. “My mother was dying during the pandemic, and I was one of the people taking care of her,” Prud’homme said, “I wanted to spend time with her before she died, so I emailed all my

Dancers assemble behind the scenes before performing at The Thai Temple.

A ‘hidden gem’: Thai Temple serves food and arts to public

The smell of fragrant Thai food, the sounds of animated conversations, and the crowded courtyard filled with bright colored outfits hit immediately upon arriving at Wat Mongkolratanaram, also known as the Thai Temple.

Student proctors practice responsibility and autonomy in school

While teachers relentlessly work around the clock, before and after the bell rings, a little help to our educators is always welcomed with open arms. Student proctors, or teacher’s assistants, can be seen in some classes, either grading small papers, washing lab equipment, or helping out students, all in efforts to make the teacher’s job

Do lockdown drills serve their purpose?

This past spring, a BHS student threatened to carry out an attack involving firearms. Two BHS students were victims of gun violence just this past month.  Just recently a fatal shooting occurred at an intersection near the BHS campus.

OUSD Office of Equity pioneers targeted racial justice initiatives

“Just looking at the data, it’s very clear that African American students, families, and educators need and deserve targeted support,” said Iminah Ahmad, co-founder and program director for the Office of African American Female Excellence at Oakland Unified School District.  On September 16, OUSD held a Racial Justice, Equity, and Healing summit, inviting all

From crowds of hundreds to dozens: The reality of activist burnout at BHS

This last month alone, many Berkeley High School students attended one or both of two protests: the No to Coal, Yes to Life climate strike in Oakland and a reproductive rights walkout organized by the Reproductive Justice Club.

BUSD School Board

School board candidates call for change in Berkeley schools

Norma Harrison is arguing for non-traditional school structures. Specifically, she is against separating kids by age or subject matter. She feels the current Berkeley Unified School District system is too focused on helping corporations.

Walter Mitchell: The M gate’s friendly face

Berkeley High School Safety Officer Walter Mitchell, has served BHS for over two decades, and has been involved in the Berkeley Unified School District community his entire life.