‘Pushy girlfriend’: A product of sexism

Every movie has its villain: aliens, stepmothers, bosses or sea monsters. But how did the stereotype of a pushy, controlling girlfriend become such a common villain in 2010s movies and TV shows?

Elliott Martens, Myles Blazer, Nicolas Hernandez, and Calder Underwood perform on the street.

Busking in Berkeley: Student musicians navigate side hustles

At 7 p.m., downtown Berkeley is bustling, scattered with the melodious sounds of smooth jazz. Every song has its own story, and every person playing has their own story as well.

“WitchTok” escalates the commercialization of spiritual items like crystals.

WitchTok harms culture and the planet

Simply looking up “healing crystals” on Etsy will yield tens of thousands of purchasable results, with prices spanning from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Touring cycle drains performing artists

Booking concert tickets to watch a musician perform is not always as fun for the artist as it is for the audience. Performing live in front of thousands of people can be physically and mentally taxing.  Not only can tours be straining for the main performing artists, but also for anyone within the traveling crew.

Lil Baby speaks to a deeper truth in new album "It's Only Me"

On October 14, Lil Baby  dropped his new album, “It’s Only Me,” where he grapples with honesty in his own experiences.  Baby grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, with a single mom who experienced financial instability.

Word on the street: what is your favorite part of fall fashion?

Kelilah Newman-Anand, a freshman in Hive 6, loves a variety of autumn attire, but especially the snug and comfortable type. “Sweaters, and Doc Martens … boot-cut and flare jeans.

Dwayne Johnson stars in half-baked action movie Black Adam

The best part of DC’s “Black Adam” is the character Cyclone. Portrayed by Quintessa Swindell, the C-list superhero with the power to control the wind dazzles on screen.

Artist Spotlight: Shai Eastman

One of the beautiful things about art is its multitude. The variety of mediums, techniques and styles are endless, as are the feelings art can evoke. Shai Eastman, a senior in Academic Choice is as talented as art is expansive, and she refuses to limit herself to one medium.  Eastman began truly exploring their

Video game films are lackluster

In 1993, “Super Mario Bros.,” the first major movie based on a video game, was marketed with the tagline “This Ain’t No Game.” Despite the film’s disastrous performance both critically and commercially, it absolutely lives up to the slogan.

Pixies band: Back again with Doggerel

Pixies made a long-lasting impact on the alternative music scene in their early days, with albums like “Surfer Rosa” famously inspiring Kurt Cobain, PJ Harvey, Thom Yorke, and so many others.

Vintage tech, like record players, is at the forefront of recent trends.

Modern trends emphasize sustainability using old technology

In recent years, a revitalization of old technology from the early 2000s and even as early as the 1980s made a rampant return among today’s youth. Previously deemed outdated technology such as flip phones, Walkmans, record players, and wired headphones are all making a visible comeback.

For children, the meaning of Halloween lies in collecting candy during trick-or-treating.

Halloween's evolution from kids to teens

Is there another holiday that encapsulates growing up like Halloween does? As kids grow up, the costumes, activities, and meanings of the holiday shift dramatically.  As children, it’s common to dress up in imaginative and colorful costumes, and kids parade around their elementary schools, showing their outfits off and making crafts in class.

Romance reality TV shows fail to deviate from heteronormativity

Everyone has watched a dating reality TV show and wished that two of the contestants fell in love with each other. Sadly, this rarely happens, and it won’t improve if reality TV doesn’t change it’s exhaustingly boring heteronormative formula.

Art teachers use holistic grading process

Everyone has heard the phrase “art is subjective.” Because of its subjective nature, it is very difficult to decide whether art is “good” or not, as its beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Librarian book recs feature Latinx focus

Berkeley High School celebrates Latinx Heritage Month at the library, where the staff has gathered many books featuring Latinx and Chicanx culture. Librarians Sarah Rosenkrantz, Meredith Irby, and Nicole Fitzhugh highlighted a few books on the official BUSD Latinx reading list.  “Ballad and Dagger”, by Daniel José Older, kept Fitzhugh on the edge of her

Mexican telenovelas: Romance, betrayal, and cultural influence

Elaborately tangled romance, character-driven drama and shocking reveals have defined the content gracing Latin American television screens for over half a century.

Stahl’s piece, titled “Work,”

OMCA ‘Hella Feminist’ exhibit captivates and challenges audience across Bay Area

The “Hella Feminist” exhibit, currently on display at the Oakland Museum of California, dissects feminism through the lens of time. The OMCA hired local artists to contribute their perspectives on feminism through paintings, interviews, photographs, and objects.

A doll sits inside a box filled with broken hearts

‘Coquette’ eroticizes childlike innocence

The 1955 novel “Lolita” by Vladamir Nabokov depicts a predatory, sexual relationship between a 12 year-old girl and her middle-aged stepfather. For some incomprehensible reason, Hollywood produced two film adaptations, each being just as controversial as their source material.