Juniper Dorado roller-skates at the Berkeley Skatepark.

Bay Area Teenagers Defy Gender Norms at Local Skate Parks

“If I’m a girl, and I’m good at skating, the first thing that guys will resort to is just being really threatened by me,” said Naiya Leighton, a sophomore at Oakland Technical High School who has been skating for three years.

Artist Spotlight: Konani Chinn

For Berkeley High School junior Konani Chinn, art has always been their fundamental form of self expression, regardless of the medium. “I don’t have a kind of art, I just create when life inspires me,” they remarked.

Portrayals of Cops vs. Criminals in Media

Crime shows have always been a beloved genre of television because of the suspense, action, and excitement which has always drawn in many viewers. However, not all shows in this genre are the same.

African Diaspora Comes Alive

Berkeley High School’s African Diaspora dance program — previously known as Afro Haitian — performed their last show of the year on May 5, 6, 12, and 13.

Rap Culture Impacted By Queer Celebs

Rising hip hop artist Isaiah Rashad broke his silence on the highly publicized controversy over his sexuality at his performance at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  In February, a sex tape was leaked, allegedly depicting Rashad with other men, intended to ‘tarnish’ his reputation.

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Stuns

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a movie directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert and has been labeled as the most recent sci-fi/action blockbuster movie.

‘Bridgerton’ Season Two Commemorates South Asian Culture

It isn’t every day that a film or series makes a big enough impact on modern day culture that it becomes a cross-generational sensation. Squid Game, Euphoria, and Tiger King are recent examples that got people talking immediately after their releases.

Artist Spotlight: Sofia Lopez

SOFIA LOPEZ, a junior in Academic Choice, combines her creativity with her cultural identity to create alluring and thought-provoking paintings. Growing up, Lopez was always drawn to art, but it was not until her first middle school art class with Mr.

Innovations in Online Music Production Inspire Youth Artistry

Before the internet, if a musician wanted to release a song, they would need a recording studio, sound equipment, the means to create physical records, and a record deal.

Fostered and Adopted Youth Need Better Media Representation

Stories that portray the lives of orphans and adopted children are infamous. Some examples include Annie and the Harry Potter series. For adopted students at Berkeley High School, media representation of these experiences has done more damage than good.

Ukraine: More Than a Hashtag

In the US, we are attached to our traditional events, notably, award shows. So, this year, the Academy Awards served as a reminder of familiar and long-standing traditions.

Streetwear’s Rise in Popularity

Street style is one of the most popular fashion trends among youth, artists, and influencers today. American street style arose in the 80s and 90s, emerging from New York City and hip hop culture.

Recycling Plotlines: Has It Gone Too Far?

Journalist Christopher Booker famously said, “There are only seven basic plotlines in all stories in the universe.” Most of what we see in books, movies, and all forms of stories is a derivative of something else.

‘Our Monologues’ Show Highlights Underrepresented Stories

One word echoed throughout the performances of Our Monologues: “amalgamation.” Amalgamation was not only heard, but also seen: an amalgamation of voices, ideas, and identities appeared onstage, a multicultural melange of stories that left audiences laughing and crying.

Local Director Calls Out Sexism in Cinema

Of the top 250 films released in 2021, only 17 percent were directed by women, according to the Celluloid Ceiling Report. The film industry is extremely male-dominated, with the job of director being one of the most exclusive.

Combating Inaccuracies in Western Films

Western-themed movies and media have historically been displayed from a single perspective. The archetypal cowboy movie features white men, pistol showdowns, and southern accents.

BHS Students Shed Light on Pinterest: What Is the Appeal?

Pinterest is a social media platform used to share pictures and ideas, called Pins. People tend to save compilations of similar Pins in different boards.


What Are BHS’s Student Bands Up To?

Woodshop is an indie rock band, and in their recent album, they blended a variety of musical influences, powerful vocals, and instrumental expertise. Woodshop consists of Berkeley High School juniors Anton Migdal on guitar and Theo Fleig on drums, as well as singer Mina Handlesman from Piedmont High  School and bassist Teddy Lee from