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After 40 Years, The Solano Stroll Continues Its Legacy of Supporting Local Businesses


After three years of pandemic-based hiatus, the Solano Stroll returned to the Bay Area on Sunday, September 11, bringing with it a day of entertainment and business.  “The Stroll started off as a sidewalk sale,” said Robert Abrams, a potter and one of the volunteer board members for the Solano Avenue Association.

Shattuck Cinemas in Downtown Berkeley

Efforts to increase housing pushes out downtown businesses


Twenty years ago, six movie theaters were within easy reach of downtown Berkeley-goers. With the closing of Shattuck Cinemas in late May, Regal UA, on the same street, is the last one remaining, and the 90-year-old Art Deco building is soon to leave as well.

‘Roe v. Wade’ Supreme Court Draft: BHS Students Respond


“It kind of felt like a slap in the face,” said Sam Matsumoto, a film photography teacher at Berkeley High School as she shared her opinion on the pending overturning of Roe v.

School Board Covers Teacher’s Wages, BSEP Budget


On Wednesday, May 4, Berkeley Unified School District’s School Board met to discuss growing class sizes, wages among teachers, and the Berkeley Schools Excellence Program’s budget.  After acknowledging Asian American and Pacific Islander History Month, the board opened up the microphone for public comment, with nine members of the webinar sharing their thoughts. 

IEPs can provide students with extra time on assignments and assessments.

Students in Special Education Supported by IEPs and 504 Plans


“We [at Berkeley Unified School District are] creating a world where anyone can feel that they are important and that they have a space in our society to contribute,” said Shawn Mansager, executive director of special education for BUSD.

Students compete in a trash bag race for the prize of being first in line for food.

Black Student Union Holds Black History Month Celebration


Berkeley High School’s Black Student Union hosted a Black History Month event at lunch last Friday, February 25, to celebrate the diverse cultures of the African diaspora.

BHS Teachers and Families Connect at Virtual Open House


Berkeley High School held its annual Open House virtually this year, allowing students and parents to interact with teachers and giving current freshmen the opportunity to learn about BHS’s small schools for next school year.

BHS Utilizes Restorative Justice to Address Violence on Campus


After the return to in-person learning, Berkeley High School administrators are working to address increased violence on campus, believed to be due, in part, to the stress of the pandemic.

Student vendors display various merchandise at the AHA Craft Fair on December 9 and 10.

BHS Students Sell Handmade Goods at Arts and Humanities Academy Craft Fair


Berkeley High School’s Arts and Humanities Academy held a craft fair during lunch on December 9 and 10. The craft fair is serving as a replacement for AHA’s annual art exhibition at Kala Art Institute, put on halt due to the pandemic.

An ofrenda exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California honors lives lost to COVID-19. The altar can be seen until November 28.

Upcoming Events


MUSICAL OFFERINGS Classical at Freight & SalvageJoin Robin Sharp on violin, Michael Flexer on cello, and Russell Hancock on piano for an evening of chamber music on November 8th.

Students walk past a sign directing mask usage

Examining Berkeley High School's Quarantine Policy


Story last updated September 9th. See the chart above for the latest data. In the four weeks of Berkeley High School’s full return to in-person learning, 13.5 COVID-19 cases have been reported and confirmed.

The audit suggests that Berkeley police have lacked thoroughness and accurate reporting with the local homeless population, one of which resides near the Berkeley Marina.

City Audit Raises Concerns Over BPD Racial Bias & Transparency


On Thursday, April 22, city auditor Jenny Wong published a groundbreaking analysis of Berkeley policing that has brought to light useful information regarding mental health calls and traffic stops.

The Ronald Tsukamoto Public Safety Building is home to the Berkeley Police Department. Police brutality has ignited a nationwide debate on how to hold policing institutions accountable for their actions.

Berkeley Should Implement Police Liability Insurance to Ensure Accountability


If you were engaging in an endeavor that might cause physical or financial damages, you would be required by law to purchase insurance. As a partial solution to issues of police accountability, many have suggested mandating a similar type of insurance called liability insurance.

To Shed Racist Past, UC Berkeley Renames Buildings


Over the past five years, a movement has grown at the University of California, Berkeley that centers around the issues of identity and injustice that have swelled in recent times.

During the boycott, Amazon

Amazon Boycott Serves as an Ineffective Stand Against Corporation’s Power


Billions of dollars fill Amazon’s coffers each year. Jeff Bezos only recently ceded his seat as the richest person on Earth to Elon Musk, and the company’s stock trades for upwards of three thousand dollars per share.

Berkeley Rep Spotlights Writers Through 'Place/Settings' Podcast Series


Starting January 12, the Berkeley Repertory Theatre began the process of releasing ten “Aural Adventures.” These ten minute long stories from famous Berkeley residents are through podcast form, in a program entitled Place/Settings: Berkeley.  The narratives are each centered around specific places integral to Berkeley, spinning immersive, intimate tales to create an audial guide to

In the Angeline

Berkeley Restaurant Spotlight: Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen


Located a block away from Berkeley High School on Shattuck Avenue, Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen has been serving Southern flavors to Berkeley for 15 years, and in those years has never failed to deliver food or family.  “Angeline’s was founded by Scott Fearon and Robert Volberg in 2006,” said Tempe Minaga-Teves, co-owner and general manager of

The Berkeley Public Library Central Branch has undergone ambitious remodeling during this period of being closed to the public.

Public Libraries Make Resources Accessible in Innovative Ways


With the nationwide closures that followed the COVID-19 pandemic, many buildings, establishments, and companies were forced to go virtual, a move that many of them made with relatively little loss.