Lucy Griffith




Class of 2025

Lucy Griffith is Berkeley High student whose entertainment writing and features appear in the BHS Jacket. In her free time, she plays piano and competitive soccer, and can be found at K's ordering morning bagels.

Joe Biden standing in front of question marks and an American Flag.

Berkeley High students reflect on Bidenís reelection campaign


On Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2023, U.S. president Joe Biden announced his 2024 presidential reelection campaign through a promotional video on Youtube. Any Berkeley High School student born on or before November 5th, 2006 will be eligible to vote for the first time in the 2024 presidential election.

Someone is working on a robot that has the name of the robotics team, which is Berkelium.

BHS robotics takes seventh place at international competition


On April 19, the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology international robotics competition kicked off in Houston, Texas. The Berkeley High School Robotics Team, Team Berkelium, qualified for the final round of the competition among the top 28 teams in the world, and ranked seventh place among international competitorss.

An excavator at People

People's Park case awaits court decision


In the ongoing controversy over the People’s Park project, construction has come to a halt indefinitely, and will not resume until the legal battle is resolved.

The gas app

Gas app captures short-lived attention of social media users


“See who likes you,” is the app description for Gas, a free app targeting high schoolers interested in popularity. It was released to iPhone users in August of 2022, but only during mid-November did it gain popularity at Berkeley High School.

Students experience lunch alone at BHS


Lunch at Berkeley High School is a sacred time, being only 40 minutes long. Students often go off campus to enjoy a plethora of food options with friends while others choose to eat alone.

Lil Baby speaks to a deeper truth in new album "It's Only Me"


On October 14, Lil Baby  dropped his new album, “It’s Only Me,” where he grapples with honesty in his own experiences.  Baby grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, with a single mom who experienced financial instability.

For children, the meaning of Halloween lies in collecting candy during trick-or-treating.

Halloween's evolution from kids to teens


Is there another holiday that encapsulates growing up like Halloween does? As kids grow up, the costumes, activities, and meanings of the holiday shift dramatically.  As children, it’s common to dress up in imaginative and colorful costumes, and kids parade around their elementary schools, showing their outfits off and making crafts in class.

Stahl’s piece, titled “Work,”

OMCA ‘Hella Feminist’ exhibit captivates and challenges audience across Bay Area


The “Hella Feminist” exhibit, currently on display at the Oakland Museum of California, dissects feminism through the lens of time. The OMCA hired local artists to contribute their perspectives on feminism through paintings, interviews, photographs, and objects.

Rock power duo Doctor, Doctor jams out at Gilman.

924 Gilman club rocks across generations


924 Gilman is an all-ages club that has been open for 35 years and is a generational staple for the Berkeley community. The decades of stickers in the bathrooms and street art covering the walls recall the voices of past performers and attendees.