Jasper Lovvorn-Black




Class of 2024

Jasper Lovvorn-Black is a writer and musician attending Berkeley High School. He has written for the BHS jacket since sophomore year and has written for the BHS Redwood Literary Magazine since freshman year. He is interested in social justice and media literacy.

‘An up and down process’: Teachers grapple to support students through grief


“We need more long-term mental health support for every student on this campus given what has transpired over the last year,” said Anna Maine, Multilingual Program co-lead teacher and English Learners Coordinator.

Medina Lam (they/them) is on the girls crew team.

“The world is too binary:” The struggles of trans and non-binary athletes at BHS


“It can sometimes be a little bit weird to be on a women’s varsity team and know that I am not a woman,” said Medina Lam, a senior on crew, who plays on a gendered team that they do not identify with.

The SLC Selection Lottery System: Helpful, Fair, or Neither?


When enrolling into her Small Learning Community in ninth grade, Berkeley International High School junior Rylyn Jaggar ended up with her third choice.

‘Someone Has Your Back’: Inside BHS Intervention Counseling


In the seventh grade, Alaya Alexander was pulled out of class one day to speak with an intervention counselor. Over the next several years, even as she began high school, she engaged in regular meetings with her counselor, who offered both emotional and academic support.