BHS Artist Profile: Vivien Silas


In the past, any new artist would almost always have to sign with a record company in order to professionally produce and record their songs. Nowadays, however, thanks to new online streaming services and accessible sound editing apps, almost anyone has the opportunity to create songs with music software that can be accessed from one’s home. While this has raised some controversy, it also provides a more diverse array of music to listen to. Due to this drastic change, there are more new artists than ever releasing music, even if they don’t have access to a studio. 

Vivien Silas, a freshman at Berkeley High School, is one of these artists. Though Silas has been making music for some time now, her first single, “The Next Sunny Saturday,” came out on February 11. This song showcases Silas’ soft vocals and creative songwriting, and features layered harmonies and a haunting melody. 

Silas’ new single has a distinct feel, similar to some of Billie Eilish’s early work. “I haven’t put too many instruments on it because I produced it on my computer,” Silas said. “I would say it’s very poetic and it’s more of an electronic alternative pop type of sound.” Silas admires Billie Eilish because she also made some of her first music from home. “That was really inspiring, just her work ethic and the way she makes her music,” Silas explained.

Silas has many plans for the future when it comes to her music; she even plans to make an album. “After the album is released, hopefully over the summer I’ll do some shows,” Silas said. Silas also hopes that if her music grows enough in popularity, she may even be able to do a small tour. However, the plans don’t end there. “After this album, I’m going to make another one, hopefully,” Silas said.

Silas’ next album is centered around her experience of growing up and exploring her identity. “This album is rooted in figuring out who I am,” she explained. Silas believes that music helped her find herself, and that’s what her next album will really be about. “I’ve always really loved poetry and expressing my feelings through poems and songs.”

Silas’ first single was released on all music platforms, as will her album when it comes out this summer. Silas represents a budding generation of artists in this modern age, with a fresh take on identity and a sound that will hopefully inspire new thought.